Lashes & Brows

Infusion Pro Lash Infusion: $130

(Formally Keratin Lash Infusion)

The Infusion Pro System creates beautifully lifted lashes that are longer, fuller, and stronger without the use of harsh perm salts which are seen in traditional lash lifts. 

- Increases the volume in diameter of each lash by 40%. 

- Closes and seals the full lash. No frizzy or odd shaped lashes.

- Infuses lashes with Peptide, Vitamins/ Keratin/Biotin and Panthenol.

- Vegan, TGA & Paraben free, Pharmaceutical Grade, and Ethically Sourced.(When infusion option is booked).

Lash Lift & Tint Only (no infusion): $95

Lash Lift Only (no infusion or tint): $75

Lash Tint Only: $25


Brow Lamination

You can have beautifully lifted eyebrows that appear longer, fuller, and stronger without the use of harsh perm salts which can be found in traditional brow lamination systems.

- Works well for thinning brows. Hairs are lifted making the brows appear fuller and thicker with a feathery appearance.

- Smooths unruly brows giving them a groomed look.

- Infuses brow hair with Peptide, Vitamins/ Keratin/ Panthenol. (When infusion option is booked).

Brow Lamination With Infusion & Tint- $110

Brow Lamination With Tint (no infusion)- $95

Brow Lamination Only (no infusion or tint)- $85

Brow Tint Only: $20